Case Study Pt. 2


  • AmpCoil Usage: 6 months
  • Cadence: ~Every two days
  • Sensitivity Setting: Low

Note: I can’t testify to the AmpCoil’s efficacy as a stand alone treatment, as I am integrating it into my existing protocol of supplements, diet, and acupuncture at the direction of my medical team.

  • My Medical Diagnosis

    • Polymyositis
      Lyme disease

  • Quantitative Data

  • CK after four months of coiling: 118
    • The only data point with a direct correlation to polymyositis is the Creatine Kinase (CK) enzyme. Anything below 173 is considered normal
      CK immediately prior to receiving the coil: 230

  • Blood pressure has not decreased bellow 88/60 since Pt. 1

  • Weight bearing endurance has returned and slightly surpassed personal bests pre coil
    • I could not stand on my legs without collapsing for the first three months of coiling. I believe this is due to the combination of Rxs and coiling
      At the 6 month mark I can bear all of my weight for 29 minutes straight

  • Qualitative Observations

  • Hive outbreaks occur for the first time in my life
    1. First few incidents were small, red, itchy, mosquito bite sized bumps from head to toe. They appeared the morning immediately following a coil session
      The next few times only one side of my body would break out- either left or right. Again, usually appeared the morning after coiling
      For the first time I had an outbreak without coiling, immediately following a rigorous hydrotherapy session. This is the first indicator of a frequency therapy triggered “shift”, as my own body movement pushed the allergen to my skin’s surface
      A few weeks later the hives became welts. There were fewer, larger, sores (not itchy) on both sides of my body
      I began drinking food grade Montmorillonite clay once per day and haven’t had an outbreak since
  • Note: hives are a natural “allergic” reaction to something. These allergens have been deeply embedded internally and my body expelling them to its outermost organ (skin) is a very good sign
  • Sleeping deeper on non-coil nights
    • The “Immune Boost” and “Organ Tune-Up” tracks prompted my deepest sleeps before bed but on recent occasions I’ve experienced the same depth on nights when I don’t coil

  • User Experience

  • The General Detox series is the best place to start cleansing and I believe is what provoked my “shift”
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