Is butter a carb?

Regina George couldn’t fit into anything except sweats before realizing that her diet wasn’t working. The Swedish “nutrition” bars she was eating made her gain weight rather than lose it. Initially she questioned their efficacy but her commitment to the calorie-burning-crusade overrode her better judgment.

In February, I started taking a prescription called Mepacrine. It’s typically used to treat malaria and lupus but my doctor has seen it work for other autoimmune patients so he urged me to give it a try. I didn’t take this decision lightly because the side effects are notoriously rough but the potential for improvement outweighed any hesitation. Oddly enough, one week on it and I hadn’t felt a thing. (That was the first flag I missed: if a new supplement, tincture, or prescription works for me, I feel it right away.) After ten days on it, I woke up unable to stand or bear any weight on my legs for the first time in my life. It was terrifying.

I got a blood test and it was nearly perfect. My creatine kinase enzyme (CK) was in the normal range for the first time in six years and my liver wasn’t bothered by the harsh Rx at all. Numerically I was responding well so my doctors and I decided to lower the dose and stick with it for another month to see if my symptoms would subside. My blood work kept improving but my paralysis didn’t and the recommendation was to stay on it.

If I could scream as loudly as Regina did when she discovered the nefarious plot to destroy her body via Kalteen bars, I would have. Something in my protocol was broken and what little functionality I worked so hard to hang on to through this ordeal was slipping away. That’s when I decided to stop taking the Mepacrine. Eight days later I took my first steps since February.

My first blood test since pausing the prescription is two weeks away. I’m prepared for both possible outcomes: (1) my CK enzyme bounces back up above the normal range or (2) it stays normal, and is possibly even better than last time. If it’s #2, it will be my third consecutive month below 173 and I will have technically beat polymyositis… I’ll be in remission.

Either way I’ve still got some work left to do. If my immune system isn’t attacking my muscles anymore, what is? My doctors, acupuncturist, and the AmpCoil voice analysis are all in general agreement that there’s a virus at the crux of my paralysis. I trust this team. I trust this process. But I also trust my curiosity and will be enlisting another pair of eyes to review my case at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. Cautious optimism is the name of my May game so keep the good vibes coming. Onward and upward!

8 thoughts on “Is butter a carb?

  1. i’ve had my ampcoil for a year, and i believe in the science and theory underpinning it. unfortunately i am too sensitive still to manage the settings with detox codes – my herxes from them are monstrous and long – so i stick to the supportive settings. i hope one day to be able to progress to the general detox and cleanse options so that i can give the device a chance to do its thing. are you using the general detox series to begin, or the betterguide analysis recommendations?

    i had lyme for years before the myositis began. it appeared following a virus last fall, but it slowly improved. has yours coincided with the onset of lyme symptoms, or something else?


    1. i do see you mentioned the drug correlation for myositis onset. did your practitioners suggest any treatment for it? were they disturbed and did they take your condition seriously?


  2. i do see you mentioned the drug correlation for myositis onset. did your practitioners suggest any treatment for it? were they disturbed and did they take your condition seriously?


    1. Not sure what you mean by drug correlation at onset? Most doctors take the myositis seriously but few cared about identifying the underlying cause.


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